Client: nettime solutions

Trade show and marketing materials graphic design
Trade show and marketing materials graphic design

When nettime solutions released their next generation SaaS time and attendance product, I completely rebranded their marketing materials. The three primary components of this rebranding were the website, a comprehensive brochure that visually demonstrated the new product and the trade show booth.

The website rebrand needed to be as stunning as the products it promoted. The clean, multi-column design reflected the advanced software as a service technology the new product was built on. Navigation was straightforward with clear calls to action and contact information at the top of the page. Built using a content management system, content could be easily added and updated. The website saw a 25% increase in visits over the prior year.

I designed for the sales team a comprehensive brochure to show prospective clients the capabilities of stratustime. The copy I wrote for each spread focused on the benefits of a key feature of the product. The graphics visually demonstrated the value of the software in providing clients a tool to help effectively manage their employees.

The challenge for redesigning nettime solution’s trade show booth was to find a solution that could adapt to booth spaces ranging from 10′x10′ up to 20′x20′ while keeping costs down. I identified a modular booth system that was able to reuse portions of the artwork depending on the size of the booth space rented. It kept costs down while providing the opportunity to develop custom artwork to draw people to the company’s booth. As a result of the booth’s visible presence, foot traffic and leads increased at the largest trade show of the year with one visitor saying, “we saw your booth and just had to come see you.”

“Howard was responsible for the design of a new logo, collateral, and website for the strategic launch of a new generation product for the company – all of which were instrumental to the effectiveness and success of my sales efforts.”

Eve T

Successful Consultative Sales Professional

“Howard helped lift NETtime Solutions’ image and awareness in the marketplace in a very short time.”

Adam H

Human Capital Management Consultant